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Maria Roberts-DeGennaro, San Diego State University
Sondra J. Fogel, University of South Florida

Macro-social work practitioners must combine research from different fields with professional judgment to develop an evidence-informed approach to positive community and agency change.  Research is becoming more sophisticated and central in agency and community-based social work. Using Evidence to Inform Practice for Community and Organizational Change stands as an excellent resource for practitioners and students alike. The contributors present each stage of the evidence-informed practice model in a straight-forward manner, using guided criticism of previous research to direct readers towards effective research and implementation techniques.


  • Application of evidence-informed practices to macro-social work settings
  • Key research questions to stimulate thinking and reinforce an emphasis on rigorous research practices
  • Case examples highlight the role of evidence-informed strategies in organizational settings

Contents Download the PDF

About the Editors xi
Acknowledgments xiii
Foreword xv
                  Lorraine Gutierrez  
Introduction Download the PDF xix
    Sondra J. Fogel and Maria Roberts-DeGennaro
Section One: Application of Principles for Evidence-Based Practice in Organizations and Communities
  Planned Change Efforts in Organizations and Communities: Evidence-Informed   Practice Download the PDF
    Maria Roberts-DeGennaro 5               
  Empirically Supported Management Behavior: Review of the Research Literature on Consumer Outcomes
    John Poertner 15
  What's Ethics Got to Do with It? Using Evidence to Inform Management Practice Download the PDF
    Cheryl A. Hyde 35
  Importance of Social Workers in Hospital Emergency Departments: An Evidence-Based Perspective
    Charles Auerbach and Susan E. Mason 54
  Long-Term-Care Ombudsman Program: Challenges of Accessing and Comparing Secondary Databases
    F. Ellen Netting, Kevin Borders, H. Wayne Nelson, and Ruth Huber 64
  Housing-First Services for Homeless Adults with Co-occurring Disorders: An Evidence-Based Practice
    Deborah K. Padgett, Victoria Stanhope, and Benjamin F. Henwood  81
  Collaborations among Diverse Organizations: Building Evidence to Support Community Partnerships
    Sondra J. Fogel and Kathleen A. Moore 99
Section Two: Translation of Evidence into Community and Organizational Practice
  Translational Research Model for Behavioral Interventions: Methodology of Dissemination and Implementation Research
    Aimee N. C. Campbell  115
  Bringing the Village Together to Prevent High School Dropout: Using the Process of Evidence-Based Practice
    Michael S. Kelly and Cynthia Franklin 140
  Using Evidence from Youths to Guide Improvements in the Mental Health System
    Jean M. Kruzich and Pauline Jivanjee 157
  Using Training to Change the Learning Environment in Public Child Welfare Organizations
    Michiel A. van Zyl, Becky F. Antle, and Anita P. Barbee 177
  Participation in Congregation-Based Organizing: A Mixed-Method Study of Civic Engagement
    Paul W. Speer, N. Andrew Peterson, Allison Zippay, and
Brian Christens
  Implementation of Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care in California: A Randomized Control Trial of an Evidence-Based Practice
    Patricia Chamberlain, Lisa Saladana, C. Hendricks Brown, and
Leslie D. Leve
      Sondra J. Fogel and Maria Roberts-DeGennaro 235
        Contributors 237
        Index 239

About the Editors

Maria Roberts-DeGennaro, (PhD., University of Texas at Austin) is professor emerita of social work at San Diego State University, where she taught macro-practice related courses for 30 years. Her practice experience includes working as a case manager, program director, community development specialist, and director of an interdisciplinary center. From 1989 to 1992, Roberts-DeGennaro served as Chair/President of the Board of Directors of the National Association for Community Organization and Social Administration (ACOSA).

Sondra J. Fogel, (PhD., University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign) is associate professor of social work at the University of South Florida. Her research interests include interventions in poverty and homelessness, community-building strategies in low-income areas, housing policy, as well as mitigation evidence and its influence in capital punishment decisions. She will be chair of the Association of Community and Social Administration beginning in the Fall of 2010.

2010, Paper, 240 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-933478-25-8, Price $39.95